Mittels JavaScript kann der Player direkt gesteuert, oder Daten abgerufen werden.

  • Verwendung

var js3qVideoPlayer;
    (function () {
       ... // player code here
    })();; // Calls method play
  • Liste der Methoden

Method Description
play (play2 deprecated) plays video
pause pauses video
mute mutes video
unmute unmutes video
seek (int) seconds seeks to position
getCurrentTime (int) seconds current position
getDuration (int) seconds video length
getVolume (int) 0.1 .. 1.0 get volume
setVolume (int) 0.1 .. 1.0 get volume
getSubtitles [Object] array of available subtitles
setSubtitles (int) index set subtitle
getAudioTracks [Object] array of available audiotracks
setAudioTrack (int) index set audiotrack by index
hideControlbar hides player controls
getLiveDelayInSeconds (int) seconds Live delay in seconds, not available on DVR
getPlaybackTime (int) seconds get current viewing time (pageview)
getFullPlaybackTime (int) seconds get full playback time (user and video)
showSideBarInfoIcon displays the sidebar info icon (top-right)
showSideBar displays the sidebar
hideSideBar hides the Sidebar
setSideBarHTML sets the HTML of the sidebar
getStreamType (string) live or demand

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