2023-07-18 Service & Feature releases

  • Please note that we have changed the format for newly created srt ingests. If you are already streaming with srt, your ingest URL will remain the same.

2023-07-11 Service & Feature releases

  • We’ve added a podcast migration tool to help you easily move your existing podcasts to SDN Podcast.

2023-06-26 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to preview each live stream of a multi-language webcast in the webcast control center

2023-05-26 Service & Feature releases

  • You can now upload prelive, post live and technical difficulty images to your livestream project to display in the player. In addition we now support failover with primary and secondary ingests and source stabilization as separate options. If you activate source stabilization, your uploaded technical difficulty image will be used to bridge any temporary drop outs in the ingest.

2023-05-23 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to change the player for a multi-channel embed code via the API. For more information, please see our API documentation.

2023-05-10 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to upload a list of custom terms to a player to rename the player labels.

2023-05-03 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to add additional delay to a livestream signal. SDN live projects now provides a DASH streaming URL for use with external players

2023-05-02 Service & Feature releases

  • SDN live projects now optionally provides a DASH streaming URL for use with external players. You can activate this in the transcoder Advanced Settings menu.

2023-04-27 Service & Feature releases

  • There is a new API endpoint for repackaging a file. For more information, please see our API documentation.

2023-04-25 Service & Feature releases

  • There is now an option in the player management to play a video in a loop.

2023-04-17 Service & Feature releases

  • There is now an option to use a single live chat for all webcast languages.

2023-04-17 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to edit livestream advanced audio settings via the API. For more information, please see our API documentation.

2023-04-14 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to activate live transcription via the SDN API. For more information, please see our API documentation.

2023-03-20 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to add subtitles to your livestreams. Find out more in our documentation.

2023-03-17 Service & Feature releases

  • Webcast login options have been moved to their own menu “Login options”. If you are using SSO authorization for webcast, you can now edit the settings yourself in this menu.

2023-01-12 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to manage events via the SDN API. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-12-30 Service & Feature releases

  • There is a new module for Multi Channel Livestreaming, which you can use to embed different live streams (e.g. for multiple languages) in one live stream player. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-12-06 Service & Feature releases

  • There is a new VOD-to-Live module, which you can use to schedule VOD files to be played in a livestream. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-11-25 Service & Feature releases

  • We have improved the behaviour of default players. It is now possible to assign a default player to be used for each project as well as for the whole account. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-11-11 Service & Feature releases

  • The usage for “Info Points” has been extended. It is now possible to configure the info point so the user can jump to another point in the video. This creates more interactivity within the video. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-11-16 Service & Feature releases

  • Some significant improvements in the live streaming functionality have been released. The failover logic between primary and secondary ingest has been revised. Please note that If you wish to send both primary and fallback signals, you must activate failover in the input signal settings. This will also enable stream stabilization. Find out more in our documentation documentation.
  • There is an option in the player management livestreaming tab to make comment name read only. Find out more in our documentation documentation.

2022-10-26 Service & Feature releases

  • You can now create Magic-Links for the management of Webcast slides and comments. Find out more in our documentation documentation.

2022-09-16 Service & Feature releases

  • Analytics events filter: There is now an event filter option in the Analytics module. This allows you to retrieve statistic data for the exact pre-defined events time frame. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-09-14 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to define separate audio channels (each left and right) with individual languages in the advanced transcoder settings for live stream projects. This allows multi language live streaming. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-09-13 Service & Feature releases

  • In Livestream projects it is now possible to use the same playout management logic as jn onDemand projects. Find out more in our documentation.
  • It is now possible to include metadata for SEO in onDemand embed codes. Find out more in our documentation.
  • The loop functionality is back in our player configuration. Find out more in our documentation.
  • There is a new player option to enable Chromecast. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-09-05 Service & Feature releases

  • There is now an option to automatically transcode only the first audio track or all audio tracks of a video with multiple audio tracks to streamline the processing of these videos. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-08-23 Service & Feature releases

  • It is now possible to offer your viewers a preview of a video or audio file if they’re not authorized to view the full file. Find out more in our documentation.

2022-08-10 Service & Feature releases

  • If a user logs in to a Webcast via SSO the first name and last name will be automatically placed into the corresponding fields within the chat.
  • The switch from one Webcast to another via SSO has been simplified. A logout button appears when a user has been logged in to a webcast already and wants to switch to another one also using SSO.

2022-07-01 Service & Feature releases

  • In order to save storage space you can now delete the original source file of a video in your SDN project. For more information click here.

2022-06-27 Service & Feature releases

  • You can now see the RTMPS link in the input signal settings UI within a live stream project.

2022-06-23 Service & feature releases

  • It is now possible to see video statstics for a particular video in the Analytics Basic version. This was currently only possible in the paid advanced version.

2022-06-17 Service & feature releases

  • Our webcast module now supports players with token protection for additional security

2022-06-15 Service & feature releases

  • We will no longer provide the source output URLs in live stream projects. End of service page

2022-04-05 Service & feature releases

  • It is now possible to upload your own favicon to a webcast template.

2022-03-31: Service & feature releases

  • The new option “Automatically create events” in the “Events” tab allows you to define that an event is automatically created with every live stream that runs for at least 10 minutes in the live stream project. For more information click here.

2022-03-29: Service & feature releases

  • Livestream projects now contain a list of live events which have run in that project. For more information click here.

2022-02-23: Service & feature release

  • To improve the security of our platform, if a user attempts to log in 5 time with the wrong password, that user account will be suspended for 5 minutes.

2022-02-17: Service & feature releases

  • With help of the new player setting “Use tracking cookie” it is possible to disable the use of cookies while still supporting the tracking of video statistics.

2022-01-26: Service & feature releases

  • The player selection in the embed code tab (VoD and Live) has been improved. Only player are shown:
    • that are assigned to a project
    • when no project is assigned to the player

2022-01-21: Service & feature release

  • It is now possible to trigger the reencoding of a file via the API. Click here to see the API documentation.

2022-01-17: Service & feature release

  • Login will be blocked for five minutes after five wrong password attempts
  • Password rules are displayed when entering a password for your user account

2022-01-12: Service & feature release

  • Possibility to use extended password rules for new passwords and optimized form protection

2021-11-18: Service & feature release

  • Possibility to integrate external Content in Webcasts with Embed Code (like Slido)

2021-11-16: Service & feature release

  • New User Right: Edit Project Settings
  • Possibility to disable Magic Links
  • Possibility to disable Upload Links
  • Bugfix: Create Webcast

2021-11-15: Service & feature release

  • Two Factor Authentification with E-Mail and SMS
  • Block form login for individual users. Must be configured by 3Q SDN support
  • Option for SSO with SAML for webcasts: restrict to IDP group

2021-11-09: Service & feature release

  • Magick Links: Links for moderating comments can now be created for external employees.
  • Permissions for webcasts: Users can only see webcasts for which they have the permissions for the project

2021-10-29: Service & feature release

  • Settings for Podcasts in Playerconfigurations implemented
  • In the project settings you can now set that the metadata PublicFrom and PublicUntil are taken into account for the availability of the videos in the playout.

2021-09-07: Service & feature release

The logging of the livestreams has been extended and now displays the following information in case of an error:

  • RTMP address is not correct (e.g. wrong app name)
  • Stream Name (Key) is not correct (e.g. upper & lower case)
  • Stream Name (Key) does not belong to the livestream
  • Missing video stream
  • Missing audio stream
  • Unknown error with recommendation to change ingest or resync

2021-07-04: Service & feature release

  • SDN users can set their individual time zone in the account settings

2021-05-18: Service & feature release


  • Bugfix: 01.00 Welcome is not available
  • Get Channel IngestPoint status implemented

2021-05-04: Service & feature release

VoD Metadata Form

  • Metadata form view optimized (tab navigation)
  • Release Date and State in form header
  • Check for changes when leaving the form

Asset List

  • Color codes for release state

    color Release state Release date
    green published between
    yellow published outside
    orange draft -
    red unpublished -

File Upload

  • Show link (edit button) to metadata form after successful upload

2021-04-26: Service & feature release

Billing & consumption

  • Correction of transcoding minutes accounting. Due to a measurement error, too few transcoding minutes were recorded. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an incorrect output of the used storage on the page “Account -> Packages & Usage”.

2021-04-20: Service & feature release


File Metadata

  • New Widget for Tags
  • New Datetime Picker for Release from (Date) and Publication until (Date)
  • Timezone for Release from (Date) and Publication until (Date) is now MESZ/MEZ (Europe/Berlin)


  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes


  • New Question Types

Player Management

2021-03-29: Feature release

2021-03-22: Feature release

2021-03-15: Service release


  • Fixed a bug causing negative and inaccurate watchtime in rare cases


  • Fixed a paging bug


  • Improved format selection when using the transmux option

2021-03-02: Service & feature release

Channel Comments

  • completely revised
  • It is now possible for the moderator to respond to channel comments


  • Dashboard List view searchable and sortable


  • Preview of not encoded files disabled until a fix is available
  • Analytics Bugfixes

2021-02-16: Service & feature release

2021-02-15: Service & feature release

2021-02-14: Service & feature release


  • Original FileName displayable + searchable
  • Bugfix Status updates
  • Create Text to Speech in GUI (Bottalk API Key in Project Settings is required)


  • HasError Flag in File Object added


  • Bugfix in Datepicker for this and last Week


  • Select / Deselect all Modules / Projects
  • Setting “Access to Contract Data” added
  • Setting “Automatically Assign new Projects to this User” added


  • Cropping is now available

Channel Comments

  • List view in Control Center enhanced
  • Ability to reply to comments (private and public)

2021-01-05: Service & feature release

Player Module

  • New feature: Domain protection
  • New feature: Password protection

2020-10-27: Service & feature release

Alerts Module

  • You can now choose between GET and POST for webhooks
  • With POST, the object (File or Channel) is sent as JSON

2020-10-13: Service & feature release

2020-10-09: Service release

Alerts Module

New event type for VoD Projects “Metadata Changed”

  • Webhook fires, Messages are send if
    • File Metadata Form is saved
    • File is added or removed from category / type
    • Release status is changed
    • all above via API calls

E-Mail Subject and SMS Text changed for event “Signal Fault”

event type is send with all Webhooks, e.g. &event=file.new

File overview

Update interval for unfinished files increased

2020-10-08: Service & feature release


  • Added ability to choose a primary server when streaming to several ingest points
  • Improved transcoder rendition selection. In case you are not using “automatic transcoder selection”, the system now do not start renditions higher than given source signal
  • The system now marks a stream as offline if SRT port is connected without a existing signal

Encoding / Video Asset management

  • Fixed issues copying and moving files to another project
  • Fixed an issue collecting AI data
  • Added automatic subtitle creation and translation for Video on-demand
  • Generate subtitles automatically
  • Translate subtitles from German and English to: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian.

File upload

  • Improved upload GUI for uploading on-demand files


  • Fixed issues on date selection
  • Added city and country detection for live-streams
  • Fixed issues in Unique users calculation
  • Added filter clear button
  • Fixed export issues

2020-09-15: Live-streams

  • Added capabilities to stream with higher frame rates (e.g. 50/60 fps). For renditions less then the quality level 720p the smaller resolutions gets scaled to 25/30 fps.
  • Added EXT-X-STREAM-INF:FRAME-RATE attribute to our Master playlists.
  • Removed Failoverstitching option for moving forward to redundant transcoding, manifests and chunklist.

2020-09-15: Player

2020-09-02: Service release

  • Bug in API Endpoint PUT /api/v2/channels/{ChannelId}/picture fixed
  • You can now set UseEncoding to false when uploading files via API to disable encoding for individual files
  • Metadata[OriginalFileName] is now updated if you replace a file via API

2020-09-01: Service release

  • Added function to analyze account usage by projects under “Packages&Usage”
  • Several bug fixes and improvements on our analytics module
  • Removed AI-functions from Encoding-API
  • Added Video AI subtitle function for generating subtitles automatically

2020-07-13: Player

2020-07-09: Player

2020-07-09: Player

2020-07-08: Player

2020-07-08: REST API

  • Added ChannelRecorder API

2020-07-07: CDN and web services

  • Rolled out TLS1.3 Support

2020-06-15: Player

2020-06-15: Live-streams

  • Bugfix: Boardpicture not visible in player v5

2020-06-15: Files

  • Bugfix: GeoIP Blocking rules were not recognized by player v5
  • FileReleasesStatus added: [‘draft’,‘published’,‘unpublished’]
  • Added Bulk action for adding FileType in our asset management
  • Added Text2Speech API: https://sdn.3qsdn.com/api/doc#section-04.13%20File%20-%20Text2Speech
  • Bugfix: Title not displayed when no metadata is stored

2020-04-27: Live-streams

  • New live-stream system and ingests deployed
  • Live to VoD transmuxing option added

2020-03-03: Live-streams

  • When using DVR, the live-streams are getting now appended to the existing playlist instead of clearing the existing dvr.
  • Improvements regarding SRT

2020-03-03: Files

  • Added new encoding renditions
  • OPUS Container format now allowed for uploading
  • Added encoding progress to API
  • Added ability to add custom metadata fields

2020-03-03: Player Configuration

  • Added option to disable tracking and cookies

2019-11-21: Alerts

  • Webhook URI can now secured by auth basic. The Webhook URI must be specified in the form: https://username:password@www.webhook.url. The SDN parse these and send username:password as Authorization header.

2019-11-21: Core

  • Enabled gzip on hls chunklists using ingestv2 live-streams
  • Fixed an issue with live-stream alerts
  • Fixed CSS issue on Mac/Safari using player v4
  • Changed cookie policies https://web.dev/samesite-cookie-recipes/
  • Added mp4 audio format to the encoder settings
  • Fixed a Video On-Demand issue during the re-packaging of subtitles to hls

2019-10-19: Player

2019-10-19: SDN

  • API: Added Timeshift2VoD by DateTime API Doc
  • Support: Added the ability to reopen tickets; Inactive will be closed after a while now
  • Added GUID to MRSS feeds (Media share)
  • Added live thumbnails for live-streams

2019-04-01: SDN

  • New: add Attachment to Support Ticket Answers

2019-03-29: SDN

  • We have extended the Media RSS Feed from the Media Share module. There are now the new tags <keywords>, <media:title>, <media:description>, <media:keywords> with the information stored under metadata of the files.
  • Playlists can now be retrieved as Media RSS Feed. The corresponding URL can be found under “Playlists” -> “Player Code” in the tab “Media RSS Feed”.
  • Playlists can now also be retrieved via API.

2019-03-27: SDN

  • New: add Attachment to new Support Ticket
  • New: if you add Files to Playlist you can choose to add first or at the end

2019-03-04: WordPress-Plugin

2019-02-27: SDN

  • Improved Timeline Thumbnail creation
  • Improved Replace / Copy / Move File function
  • New: copy File in same Project
  • New: show “User Name” and “Customer No” in Account menu

2019-02-08: Player

  • Subtitles: Improved UI
  • Code clean up
  • Now using HTMLVideoElement[poster] instead of own logic

2019-02-07: Player

  • Safari: Fixes issue with thumbnails on the timeline, loading in a loop.

2018-12-06: Player

  • Improvements: In DVR mode (Timeshift), the player now recognizes when the stream is offline. The playback starts now at the beginning of the DVR and changes the time-presentation from Live -hh:mm:ss to hh:mm:ss/hh:mm:ss.

2018-11-20: Player

  • Bugfix: Stream not playing using live-stream with ingest platform v2

2018-11-14: Player (v4.1.2)

New Features

  • Ad Stitching: Video starts instantly after video ads (excluding iOS devices)

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Improved audioTrack handling
  • Improved live latency
  • Improved playback startup time
  • Fixed: player displayed “live-stream offline” in DVR mode
  • Fixed: player turned back to live when using DVR
  • Code-cleanup

2018-10-09: Player

  • Bugfix Call-to-Action form credentials (CORS)
  • Added method getStreamType()

2018-09-14: Player

  • Enabled to display Ads on mobile whiles using autoplay and mutedautoplay for mobile
  • Added custom GA function parameter

2018-08-07: Player

  • Bugfix video looping if autoplay enabled and ads disabled

2018-07-27: Player (v4.1.1)

  • Added events: subtitleChange, audioChange
  • Added methods: getAudioTracks, setAudioTrack
  • Code clean up
  • Cast Support: Removed google’s media library from code-base; Added subtitle and alternative audio support

2018-07-20: Player

  • Improved handling on manifest load timeouts

2018-07-18: Player

  • Sticky feature improvement
  • Fixed thumbnail aspect ratio on IE11

2018-07-11: Player

  • Settings menu UI improvement for mobile
  • Improved handling for streams with alternative audio on ios and safari

2018-07-09: Player (v4.1.0)

  • getLiveDelayInSeconds() added for live streams
  • locale config param added

2018-06-20: Player

  • Added new audio player UI including visualizer
  • Code clean up

2018-06-18: Player

  • Added view port and env to debug info
  • Hide cast button while playing ads
  • Hide volume slider after muting/unmuting on mobile
  • Hide ads countdown when remaining time is not available by API
  • Improved ready callback
  • Added poster frame preload before displaying

2018-06-15: Player

  • Fixed unrecognized jscallback Parameter (audio on-demand)
  • Added custom SkipButton UI for Google IMA

2018-06-14: Player: Player

  • Fixed player-ui issues on IE 10
  • Code clean up
  • Fixed player-ui issue regarding buffering spinner after postroll
  • Fixed missing ready call for audio streams