2021-11-18: Service & feature release

  • Possibility to integrate external Content in Webcasts with Embed Code (like Slido)

2021-11-16: Service & feature release

  • New User Right: Edit Project Settings
  • Possibility to disable Magic Links
  • Possibility to disable Upload Links
  • Bugfix: Create Webcast

2021-11-15: Service & feature release

  • Two Factor Authentification with E-Mail and SMS
  • Block form login for individual users. Must be configured by 3Q SDN support
  • Option for SSO with SAML for webcasts: restrict to IDP group

2021-11-09: Service & feature release

  • Magick Links: Links for moderating comments can now be created for external employees.
  • Permissions for webcasts: Users can only see webcasts for which they have the permissions for the project

2021-10-29: Service & feature release

  • Settings for Podcasts in Playerconfigurations implemented
  • In the project settings you can now set that the metadata PublicFrom and PublicUntil are taken into account for the availability of the videos in the playout.

2021-09-07: Service & feature release

The logging of the livestreams has been extended and now displays the following information in case of an error:

  • RTMP address is not correct (e.g. wrong app name)
  • Stream Name (Key) is not correct (e.g. upper & lower case)
  • Stream Name (Key) does not belong to the livestream
  • Missing video stream
  • Missing audio stream
  • Unknown error with recommendation to change ingest or resync

2021-07-04: Service & feature release

  • SDN users can set their individual time zone in the account settings

2021-05-18: Service & feature release


  • Bugfix: 01.00 Welcome is not available
  • Get Channel IngestPoint status implemented

2021-05-04: Service & feature release

VoD Metadata Form

  • Metadata form view optimized (tab navigation)
  • Release Date and State in form header
  • Check for changes when leaving the form

Asset List

  • Color codes for release state

    color Release state Release date
    green published between
    yellow published outside
    orange draft -
    red unpublished -

File Upload

  • Show link (edit button) to metadata form after successful upload

2021-04-26: Service & feature release

Billing & consumption

  • Correction of transcoding minutes accounting. Due to a measurement error, too few transcoding minutes were recorded. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an incorrect output of the used storage on the page “Account -> Packages & Usage”.

2021-04-20: Service & feature release


File Metadata

  • New Widget for Tags
  • New Datetime Picker for Release from (Date) and Publication until (Date)
  • Timezone for Release from (Date) and Publication until (Date) is now MESZ/MEZ (Europe/Berlin)


  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes


  • New Question Types

Player Management

2021-03-29: Feature release

2021-03-22: Feature release

2021-03-15: Service release


  • Fixed a bug causing negative and inaccurate watchtime in rare cases


  • Fixed a paging bug


  • Improved format selection when using the transmux option

2021-03-02: Service & feature release

Channel Comments

  • completely revised
  • It is now possible for the moderator to respond to channel comments


  • Dashboard List view searchable and sortable


  • Preview of not encoded files disabled until a fix is available
  • Analytics Bugfixes

2021-02-16: Service & feature release

2021-02-15: Service & feature release

2021-02-14: Service & feature release


  • Original FileName displayable + searchable
  • Bugfix Status updates
  • Create Text to Speech in GUI (Bottalk API Key in Project Settings is required)


  • HasError Flag in File Object added


  • Bugfix in Datepicker for this and last Week


  • Select / Deselect all Modules / Projects
  • Setting “Access to Contract Data” added
  • Setting “Automatically Assign new Projects to this User” added


  • Cropping is now available

Channel Comments

  • List view in Control Center enhanced
  • Ability to reply to comments (private and public)

2021-01-05: Service & feature release

Player Module

  • New feature: Domain protection
  • New feature: Password protection

2020-10-27: Service & feature release

Alerts Module

  • You can now choose between GET and POST for webhooks
  • With POST, the object (File or Channel) is sent as JSON

2020-10-13: Service & feature release

2020-10-09: Service release

Alerts Module

New event type for VoD Projects “Metadata Changed”

  • Webhook fires, Messages are send if
    • File Metadata Form is saved
    • File is added or removed from category / type
    • Release status is changed
    • all above via API calls

E-Mail Subject and SMS Text changed for event “Signal Fault”

event type is send with all Webhooks, e.g. &event=file.new

File overview

Update interval for unfinished files increased

2020-10-08: Service & feature release


  • Added ability to choose a primary server when streaming to several ingest points
  • Improved transcoder rendition selection. In case you are not using “automatic transcoder selection”, the system now do not start renditions higher than given source signal
  • The system now marks a stream as offline if SRT port is connected without a existing signal

Encoding / Video Asset management

  • Fixed issues copying and moving files to another project
  • Fixed an issue collecting AI data
  • Added automatic subtitle creation and translation for Video on-demand
  • Generate subtitles automatically
  • Translate subtitles from German and English to: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian.

File upload

  • Improved upload GUI for uploading on-demand files


  • Fixed issues on date selection
  • Added city and country detection for live-streams
  • Fixed issues in Unique users calculation
  • Added filter clear button
  • Fixed export issues

2020-09-15: Live-streams

  • Added capabilities to stream with higher frame rates (e.g. 50/60 fps). For renditions less then the quality level 720p the smaller resolutions gets scaled to 25/30 fps.
  • Added EXT-X-STREAM-INF:FRAME-RATE attribute to our Master playlists.
  • Removed Failoverstitching option for moving forward to redundant transcoding, manifests and chunklist.

2020-09-15: Player

2020-09-02: Service release

  • Bug in API Endpoint PUT /api/v2/channels/{ChannelId}/picture fixed
  • You can now set UseEncoding to false when uploading files via API to disable encoding for individual files
  • Metadata[OriginalFileName] is now updated if you replace a file via API

2020-09-01: Service release

  • Added function to analyze account usage by projects under “Packages&Usage”
  • Several bug fixes and improvements on our analytics module
  • Removed AI-functions from Encoding-API
  • Added Video AI subtitle function for generating subtitles automatically

2020-07-13: Player

2020-07-09: Player

2020-07-09: Player

2020-07-08: Player

2020-07-08: REST API

  • Added ChannelRecorder API

2020-07-07: CDN and web services

  • Rolled out TLS1.3 Support

2020-06-15: Player

2020-06-15: Live-streams

  • Bugfix: Boardpicture not visible in player v5

2020-06-15: Files

  • Bugfix: GeoIP Blocking rules were not recognized by player v5
  • FileReleasesStatus added: [‘draft’,‘published’,‘unpublished’]
  • Added Bulk action for adding FileType in our asset management
  • Added Text2Speech API: https://sdn.3qsdn.com/api/doc#section-04.13%20File%20-%20Text2Speech
  • Bugfix: Title not displayed when no metadata is stored

2020-04-27: Live-streams

  • New live-stream system and ingests deployed
  • Live to VoD transmuxing option added

2020-03-03: Live-streams

  • When using DVR, the live-streams are getting now appended to the existing playlist instead of clearing the existing dvr.
  • Improvements regarding SRT

2020-03-03: Files

  • Added new encoding renditions
  • OPUS Container format now allowed for uploading
  • Added encoding progress to API
  • Added ability to add custom metadata fields

2020-03-03: Player Configuration

  • Added option to disable tracking and cookies

2019-11-21: Alerts

  • Webhook URI can now secured by auth basic. The Webhook URI must be specified in the form: https://username:password@www.webhook.url. The SDN parse these and send username:password as Authorization header.

2019-11-21: Core

  • Enabled gzip on hls chunklists using ingestv2 live-streams
  • Fixed an issue with live-stream alerts
  • Fixed CSS issue on Mac/Safari using player v4
  • Changed cookie policies https://web.dev/samesite-cookie-recipes/
  • Added mp4 audio format to the encoder settings
  • Fixed a Video On-Demand issue during the re-packaging of subtitles to hls

2019-10-19: Player

2019-10-19: SDN

  • API: Added Timeshift2VoD by DateTime API Doc
  • Support: Added the ability to reopen tickets; Inactive will be closed after a while now
  • Added GUID to MRSS feeds (Media share)
  • Added live thumbnails for live-streams

2019-04-01: SDN

  • New: add Attachment to Support Ticket Answers

2019-03-29: SDN

  • We have extended the Media RSS Feed from the Media Share module. There are now the new tags <keywords>, <media:title>, <media:description>, <media:keywords> with the information stored under metadata of the files.
  • Playlists can now be retrieved as Media RSS Feed. The corresponding URL can be found under “Playlists” -> “Player Code” in the tab “Media RSS Feed”.
  • Playlists can now also be retrieved via API.

2019-03-27: SDN

  • New: add Attachment to new Support Ticket
  • New: if you add Files to Playlist you can choose to add first or at the end

2019-03-04: WordPress-Plugin

2019-02-27: SDN

  • Improved Timeline Thumbnail creation
  • Improved Replace / Copy / Move File function
  • New: copy File in same Project
  • New: show “User Name” and “Customer No” in Account menu

2019-02-08: Player

  • Subtitles: Improved UI
  • Code clean up
  • Now using HTMLVideoElement[poster] instead of own logic

2019-02-07: Player

  • Safari: Fixes issue with thumbnails on the timeline, loading in a loop.

2018-12-06: Player

  • Improvements: In DVR mode (Timeshift), the player now recognizes when the stream is offline. The playback starts now at the beginning of the DVR and changes the time-presentation from Live -hh:mm:ss to hh:mm:ss/hh:mm:ss.

2018-11-20: Player

  • Bugfix: Stream not playing using live-stream with ingest platform v2

2018-11-14: Player (v4.1.2)

New Features

  • Ad Stitching: Video starts instantly after video ads (excluding iOS devices)

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Improved audioTrack handling
  • Improved live latency
  • Improved playback startup time
  • Fixed: player displayed “live-stream offline” in DVR mode
  • Fixed: player turned back to live when using DVR
  • Code-cleanup

2018-10-09: Player

  • Bugfix Call-to-Action form credentials (CORS)
  • Added method getStreamType()

2018-09-14: Player

  • Enabled to display Ads on mobile whiles using autoplay and mutedautoplay for mobile
  • Added custom GA function parameter

2018-08-07: Player

  • Bugfix video looping if autoplay enabled and ads disabled

2018-07-27: Player (v4.1.1)

  • Added events: subtitleChange, audioChange
  • Added methods: getAudioTracks, setAudioTrack
  • Code clean up
  • Cast Support: Removed google’s media library from code-base; Added subtitle and alternative audio support

2018-07-20: Player

  • Improved handling on manifest load timeouts

2018-07-18: Player

  • Sticky feature improvement
  • Fixed thumbnail aspect ratio on IE11

2018-07-11: Player

  • Settings menu UI improvement for mobile
  • Improved handling for streams with alternative audio on ios and safari

2018-07-09: Player (v4.1.0)

  • getLiveDelayInSeconds() added for live streams
  • locale config param added

2018-06-20: Player

  • Added new audio player UI including visualizer
  • Code clean up

2018-06-18: Player

  • Added view port and env to debug info
  • Hide cast button while playing ads
  • Hide volume slider after muting/unmuting on mobile
  • Hide ads countdown when remaining time is not available by API
  • Improved ready callback
  • Added poster frame preload before displaying

2018-06-15: Player

  • Fixed unrecognized jscallback Parameter (audio on-demand)
  • Added custom SkipButton UI for Google IMA

2018-06-14: Player: Player

  • Fixed player-ui issues on IE 10
  • Code clean up
  • Fixed player-ui issue regarding buffering spinner after postroll
  • Fixed missing ready call for audio streams