To ensure a smooth live signal while using the streaming software Wirecast on MacOS, we recommend using the codec “MainConcept H.264” in addition to the following settings.

Global Wirecast settings

In the menu, click on Wirecast > Preferences > Canvas. Here you can set the frame rate. If you are using a PAL signal, set the in and out frame rates to 25 or 50 fps. For NTSC use 30 or 60.

Encoder settings

You will find the encoder settings under Output > Output Settings. In this menu you should change the Encoding to “MainConcept H.264” then click on the gear icon to the right of the dropdown to check the following settings:

  • Key frame every x frames
    • This should be the fps x 2. For example, if your stream will be 25 fps, then there should be a key frame every 50 frames.
  • Make sure that Keyframe Aligned is checked