js3q is a smart videoplayer written in javascript with an amazing API.

The player implements media source extensions and modern technics for streaming video content. The player works with the streaming protocols HLS, DASH and Progressive Download and implements components and plugins to fit all business cases such as video advertising or subscription models.

Important note: With version 5 and above our player does not implement fallback to flash anymore. It’s completly removed from our code base.


https://player.3qsdn.com/demo.html (Latest)

Why using v5?

Well, our videoplayer is completely rewritten under the hood. Months ago we decided to rewrite and review our code base. We are doing this to provide you an state-of-the-art videoplayer with extra functionallity and the possiblity to write plugins as a developer.

API Docs and usage


If you want to use a specific version of our player, you are able to use it any time.

Version URL Release
Latest https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.latest.js -
v5.0.13 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.13.js 2021-04-20
v5.0.12 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.12.js 2021-03-29
v5.0.11 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.11.js 2021-03-22
v5.0.10 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.10.js 2021-03-01
v5.0.9 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.9.js 2021-02-22
v5.0.8 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.8.js 2021-02-18
v5.0.7 https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.0.7.js 2021-02-15


Type Browser
Live Chrome 34+, Firefox 42+, IE11+ Windows 8.1+, Edge Windows 10+, Opera, Safari iOS & macOS
ON-DEMAND Chrome 34+, Firefox 42+, IE11+ Windows 7+, Edge Windows 7+, Opera, Safari iOS & macOS


Copyright (C) 2009 - 2021, 3Q GmbH, Berlin, Europe, All Rights Reserved. This source code and its use and distribution, is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement. More information on www.3q.video