js3q is a smart video player written in JavaScript with an amazing API.

The player implements media source extensions and modern techniques for streaming video content. The player works with the streaming protocols HLS, DASH and Progressive Download and implements components and plugins to fit all business cases such as video advertising or subscription models.

Important note: With version 5 and above our player does not implement fallback to flash anymore. It’s completely removed from our code base.


https://player.3qsdn.com/demo.html (Latest)

Why using v5?

Well, our video player is completely rewritten under the hood. Months ago we decided to rewrite and review our code base. We are doing this to provide you a state-of-the-art video player with extra functionality and the possibility to write plugins as a developer.

API Docs and usage


To ensure that your player is always up to date, with the latest features and bug fixes, we recommend always using the latest player version: https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.latest.js. If you wish to use a fixed player version, you may do so by including the specific player version in the path. For example, to access player version 5.1.0, use the URL https://player.3qsdn.com/js3q.5.1.0.js.

If you are using a fixed player version, please update the version regularly. By using a fixed version you will not benefit from regular bug fixes. In addition, previous player versions are only guaranteed to be available for 6 months after release. After that point the latest player version will be returned.

Warning: Very rarely breaking changes will be made in the player which necessitate an update of the player version. In these cases, the breaking change will be announced in advance on our status page: https://status.3qsdn.com

Release Notes


Browser Supported versions
Chrome - Always the latest 3 Versions
- Chrome for android is supported
- Chrome for iOS is supported
Firefox - Always the latest 3 Versions (and the latest ESR Version)
- Firefox for android is supported
- Firefox for iOS is supported
- Firefox Focus is supported
Safari - Supported, starting with Safari 13
- Safari for iOS is supported
Edge - Always the latest 3 versions (and the last EdgeHTML version)
- Edge for android is supported
- Edge for iOS is supported
Other browsers - Opera (latest 3 versions)
- Samsung browser (latest 3 versions)
- Huawei browser (latest 3 versions)
Special Environments - Google AMP (via Plugin and iFrame)
- Facebook Instant Articles (iFrame)


Copyright (C) 2009 - 2022, 3Q GmbH, Berlin, Europe, All Rights Reserved. This source code and its use and distribution, is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement. More information on www.3q.video