When calling the 3Q video player via a constructor, it is possible to include multiple configuration attributes:

<script type="text/javascript">
var js3qVideoPlayer = new js3q({
    dataid: '5c3b0910-8850-11e7-9273-002590c750be',
    container: 'player1',


If the player is protected, you need to generate and configure key and timestamp.


Parameter Type Default Description
dataid String - Video or Live-stream
container String - The container where the player is placed.
key String - Needed if player is protected
timestamp Timestamp - Needed if player is protected
autoplay Boolean false
allowmutedautoplay Boolean false If autoplay is true and autoplay is not working, the player tries to autoplay the video muted.
resumeAt Integer 0 Resumes playback at given time.
initialQuality Integer 360 The initial qualitiy level. Choose between 1080, 720, 480, 360, 240 and 144. The higher the value, the longer the video needs to cache before it can begin playing. If you choose a low value, the the video will start playing faster, but begin with a lower initial quality level. After the first few seconds playback quality will adapt automatically to the user's available bandwidth.
playbackRateMenu Boolean false Show playbackRate menu
motionposter [BETA] Boolean false Displays a motion thumbnail instead of a static image/poster.
loop Boolean false
muted Boolean false
seo Boolean false JSON-LD Data placement
preventNativeFullScreenOnIOS Boolean false Prevent the player from switching to native mode on iOS
preview Boolean false Limits the duration of the Video
previewtime Number 30 Sets the duration of the preview
fullscreenOnOrientationChange Boolean false Mobile only. Automatically switch to fullscreen, when the device gets rotated horizontally

Layout / Dimensions

Parameter Type Default Description
layout String reponsive [responsive|default|fixed]
width String - [px|100%]
height String - [px|100%]
tintColor String #009cd1

Tracking / Analytics

Parameter Type Default Description
tracking Boolean true Video Engagemenent Tracking
trackingCookie Boolean true Save the Tracking ID in the Cookies
trackingApi String v2 v1 (Reporting) | v2 (Analytics)
userToken String Custom String to identify the User
ga Boolean false Google Analytics Tracking
gacallback String ga

Language and locales

Parameter Type Default Description
locale String navigator.language Player control navigation language. Available values: "de", "en", "es", "fr, "it", "nl", "cz", "zh"
defaultAudioLanguage String navigator.language
defaultCC String - If available (e.g. "ger"), the set subtitle will be displayed without user interaction.


Parameter Type Description
labels Object The language strings, that will be overwritten. See full example


Parameter Type Default Description
controls Boolean true
controlBarAutoHide Boolean true


Parameter Type Default Description
ads Boolean true Enable or disable ads (Settings from 3Q's admanager get used)
adsid Integer - Use a specific AdTag ID from 3Q's admanager


Parameter Type Default Description
sharing Boolean false
shareItems Array ['Facebook','Twitter','Linkedin'] Available Items: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp
chromecast Boolean true