Comments are only availabe for live-streams. To activate them, pass the option comments: true to the setup options.

Alternatively, you can pass a HTML Element instead of true, to embed the comments anywhere on your page.

You could also pass the ID of the container instead, like for the player container.

<div id="player"></div>
<div id="comments"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var comments = document.querySelector('#comments')

  var js3qVideoPlayer = new js3q({
    dataid: '5c3b0910-8850-11e7-9273-002590c750be',
    container: 'player',
    comments: comments,
    comments_username: 'Preset for the username',
    comments_dataid: '16a61ee1-784c-11ea-97a4-002590c750be',

Additional Options

key type Description
comments_username String The Preset for the username
comments_dataid String The dataid of another live-stream
comments_align String "top" (default) or "bottom" - Alignment for the auto scroll, after the user added a comment
comments_permanentUsername Boolean Lock the username, after the first message was sent. (or, if `comments_username` is set)

Live Demo

See the Pen Live Comments by 3Q GmbH (@3qgmbh) on CodePen.