Safari: Fixes issue with thumbnails on the timeline, loading in a loop.


  • Improvements: In DVR mode (Timeshift), the player now regonizes when the stream is offline. The playback starts now at the beginning of the DVR and changes the time-presentation from "Live -hh:mm:ss" to -> hh:mm:ss/hh:mm:ss.


  • Bugfix: Stream not playing using livestream with ingest platform v2

2018-11-14 (v4.1.2)

New Features

  • Ad Stitching: Video starts instantly after video ads (excluding iOS devices)

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Improved audioTrack handlingp4
  • Improved live latency
  • Improved playback startup time
  • Fixed: player displayed "livestream offline" in DVR mode
  • Fixed: player turned back to live when using DVR
  • Code-cleanup


  • Bugfix Call-To-Action form credentials (cors)
  • Added method getStreamType()


  • Enabled to display Ads on mobile whiles using autoplay and mutedautoplay for mobile
  • Added custom GA function parameter


  • Bugfix video looping if autoplay enabled and ads disabled

2018-07-27 (v4.1.1)

  • Added events: subtitleChange, audioChange
  • Added methods: getAudioTracks, setAudioTrack
  • Code clean up
  • Cast Support: Removed google's media library from code-base; Added subtitle and alternative audio support


  • Improved handling on manifest load timeouts


  • Sticky feature improvement
  • Fixed thumbnail aspect ratio on IE11


  • Settings menu UI improvement for mobile
  • Improved handling for streams with alternative audio on ios and safari

2018-07-09 (v4.1.0)

  • getLiveDelayInSeconds() added for live streams
  • locale config param added


  • Added new audio player UI including visualizer
  • Code clean up


  • Added view port and env to debug info
  • Hide cast button while playing ads
  • Hide volume slider after muting/unmuting on mobile
  • Hide ads countdown when remaining time is not available by api
  • Improved ready callback
  • Added poster frame preload before displaying


  • Fixed unrecognized jscallback Parameter (audio on-demand)
  • Added custom SkipButton UI for Google IMA


  • Fixed player-ui issues on IE 10
  • Code clean up
  • Fixed player-ui issue regarding buffering spinner after postroll
  • Fixed missing ready call for audio streams